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A House for the Storytellers

Film House was established in Dubai in 2004 by Anwar Al Amin, an award-winning director, and has since expanded its presence to Beruit. The production house is a director-driven approach that infuses narratives to even the simplest of commercials, driving campaignable content, and making viral films.

Stories go on but people tend to remember the melodrama and crave fiction. That is what we infuse into our narratives. Video production is a very systematic approach, a methodology we respect, but it never stops us from sparking creativity in every stage of the process. 

Our capabilities have led us to tell stories in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. For clients like UNESCO, Nestle, P&G, Unilever, Etisalat and more. People make ads, we make simulators that make the gears of imagination turn with the fuel of emotion. We make stories that make people feel.


F I L M . P E O P L E


Anwar Al Amin


What interests me most as a director is ad films being versatile, able to work in different genres, and tell the story well.


I have attempted to shoot different kinds of spots, mixing genres and topics as a filmstrip joined together with creativity. It was rewarding for me to tell stories within the style each script demands and to make imagery unique.

My desire to create quality spots has taken me to shoot films in various countries from the Middle East to South East Asia and even Afghanistan. This has allowed me the pleasure to know and learn from different people from a plethora of cultures, wavelengths, and so on.


It's thrilling to work with a different cast, crew, producers and allows one to gain great insight that ultimately leads to comprehensive ad work. 


Elio El Chayeb

As a Producer I believe every shoot is unique and has a different personality, and that requires a body of work where a director can stand behind comfortably.

One of the most important lessons I learned in my final year of college in New York film Academy (Hollywood) is that a producer is like an orchestra conductor he doesn’t have to know how to play all the instruments but he must know what each instrument sounds like and be able to let them play in harmony.


After 10 years of working in the industry and going through many different experiences, I got to understand this saying and learned how to apply it by knowing the strength and weakness of each of my crew members and knowing when to push and when to reward which lead to successful results with many local and foreign clients and agencies, and allowed me to take charge of the projects and to have many successful productions along the way.

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